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My LJ Purpose

My initial purpose for creating a LJ account was to record my writings and write my life's story.  So far I have been slacking on that goal.  now that I am recreating my life; I'm going to try to recommit to that purpose.  Stay Tuned!

New Year New Beginning

Once again, time has a way of getting away from all of us and before we know it; it's a whole new year. It's been drilled into our heads that a new year is meant as a chance to make changes and begin anew. I've tried to break away from that train of thought and instead choose to use my birthday as my new year to make changes and to work towards improvements in my life. This past birthday was wonderful; it was relaxing and mostly stress free. Spending time with friends is always uplifting and full of laughter. Shortly after my birthday I was finally given the chance that I have been working hard on for a long time in order to further my career, make a name for myself and get my life financially back on track. There is so much to learn in my new venture, but I am confident that I am a quick learner and in time after many repetitions I will have every thing down pat.

Christmas this year was good too. I am such a stickler on traditions that when I'm not able to have that I am disappointed easily. My memories are always surrounded by family more than by location - so it doesn't matter where I celebrate holidays as long as it is with family. And I have not been able to be around family much since I moved out here to Vegas, so many holidays are filled with tears, pity and disappointment. I am grateful for all my friends here that have always gone the extra mile to do their best to make my holidays happy and cheerful, but sometimes watching someone else's family - from the outside in; no matter how involved they tried to make me feel - only reminds me of what I don't have. However; this Christmas was tear free *maybe I should have used Johnson's baby shampoo earlier* and it felt so good to simply hang out with friends and their families and children and cherish our time together.


Life is supposedly a journey. Well my journey has been a bumpy one. Around every curve there has been a new adventure. Some good; some not so good. My road has gone deep into the valleys and even up into some higher elevations. There have been many detours in which have taken me to see and experience some interests things.

I finally decided to create an account on LJ as a way to archive my thoughts, feelings, writings and life experiences. It is to be my tool to help me focus on redirecting my life and finding purpose and serenity. I am doing this for myself, but if anyone out there in cyberworld should stumble upon this page, I hope you are able to get something out of this. The "something" I am referring to is not meant to be awe inspiring, life changing or viewed as a gospel in anyway; but hopefully seen as a new point of view, a minute of entertainment or simply giving you a peek into someones else life - a cyber way of walking in someone else's shows. At this moment, I have no plans of telling many people in my "real" life about my account on here, so if any one out there should stumble into here and figure out who it is; please respect my privacy and keep it to yourself.

I honestly don't expect many people to find my writings interesting, but if you do please feel free to reply with comments or suggestions.

Thank you,
Ashlee Jordan



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